Tanzania safaris – once, twice, 3 times in a lifetime!

There are many chances to have, as many people call it, a holiday of a lifetime on earth. A safari holiday definitely has to be up there if in fact, the number one choice.

A safari tour now incorporates everything that is so special about witnessing wildlife in its natural habitat of which many species would have only ever been seen in zoos before along with first class service, accommodation and food.

So as a safari can be said as a top choice of tour so can the country to choose, Tanzania. Located in eastern Africa and extends to the coast. The country offers the chance to see rare wild and bird life, stunning scenery within large, safe national parks, coastal regions, lakes and mountains.

magical tanzania safaris

The aptly named “Magical Tanzania” safari tour from A Tent With A view encompasses a huge taster of what Tanzania is about. Straight away visit Lake Victoria, then onto a boat safari seeing hippos and crocodiles before moving to the Serengeti to see lions, leopards and cheetah. Moving onto witnessing the dramatic backdrop of Kilimanjaro before jetting off to Zanzibar to see the stunning coastline and Indian Ocean as well as UNESCO World Heritage Site of Stone Town. Finally onto the Saadani National Park where the viewing town within the camp offers 360 degree views of the Indian Ocean and wildlife activity.

Accommodation ranges from the camps to Land Rover suites and luxury hotels. All meals are included and park fees. This safari tour is exciting and gives travellers a huge amount of experiences of Tanzania, so much so, it’s very rare this is a holiday of a lifetime people very often return!

For more information about this truly Magical Tanzania safari from A Tent With A View, visit http://www.tentwithaview.com/tours/

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